Young, interconnection and technology: Serafini spoke on “Ping Pong”

articolo giovaniThe world turns, quickly changed, developed.

The speed of development and technological diffusion, interconnection increasingly massive support economic globalization and internationalization: new economic visions that move the center of gravity of the market, impacting also on demographic developments.

In the globalized and highly interconnected world of today is very important move, shift, chasing opportunities and not stop.

But this new working model must not be a requirement, but remain a choice, an opportunity and not a requirement.

In Italy we lose many young people who move, choose other countries, attracted by less bureaucracy and best offer; opportunities for the future and achievement.

Young people follow the most dynamic countries and much more attractive!

Young people, prepared, ambitious, motivated and creative, take initiative and full of hopes go abroad, where they often fail to realize and succeed.

It becomes important to do something to stem the leakage of culture. Create standard and effective countermeasures, proposals, projects, offers, opportunities to avoid the “brain drain“.

This concept is closely linked to economic issues such as the internationalization and relocation.
However, it is important to reflect on how to succeed in attracting investment capital in Italy.
This now becomes the crucial point, the main objective of managers and italian entrepreneurs

Go back to being attractive and interesting is a way to grow economically and to provide a future and ambitious opportunities to young people.