The effort of the Made in Italy in rising markets

bricsAccording to the Unicredit report data Italian companies are struggling to establish itself in emerging markets that provide the best opportunities for growth with new consumers ready to demand goods and services. The made in Italy products have a little success in China, while the French and German products are strong.

The food and wine, typical products made in Italy are struggling to establish itself in emerging markets.

The Unicredit economists have focused precisely rising markets, real stars of the after Brexit. For this reason it is easy to think that there are good opportunities for western export companies, particularly those companies specialized in the production and export of consumer goods.

In this report it is clear that China is the largest market for all of industry segments analyzed (cars, machinery, food, clothing, furniture and services), while Russia and Mexico is a close second in the scale of preferences.

Italy must improve its ability to penetrate the Asian markets in industries such as “food and drinks,” cars “and” equipment “.

The food is the most sore point, perhaps because it captures a surprise to analysts. Unsurprisingly, however, see that on the whole are also the Germans, in addition to French, to give us lessons.

Concluding Italy, especially the Italian food best expression of Made in Italy, has to work hard to catch up and take over the rightful place in the market of the future.