Temporary Manager: the importance of a new professional

Temporary_managementThe Temporary Manager, professional figure that is emerging in Europe, is the symbol of a new current, innovative corporate culture that can provide new impetus to SMEs in the period of crisis, development and renewal.

The TM is a qualified expert that the firm may only qualify for the time necessary to solve each problem and manage change obtaining measurable results in the short term.

These new professionals, the protagonists of this new trend, are senior project managers, former managers and top managers.

For Temporary Management it means entrusting the management of the business or part of highly qualified managers and professional.
Management means that the TM is equipped with all the power and authority necessary, indispensable to carry out their work independently.

The Temporary Manager can be considered as a “third way”, which plays a role that is different from both the classic advice, both from the traditional leadership

The Serafini Studio specializes in Temporary Management, understood as the concept of consulting spots, and presents itself as an ideal partner to support and manage professionally specific situations, problems and needs of business.

Below a short descriptions of emblematic cases where the intervention of a TM is especially useful and indicated.

The Temporary Manager manages customer transitions, structure new projects, helps the company to approach foreign markets, following the restructuring of enterprises, manages the critical issues, deals with the formation of new internal company managers.
The TM manages acquisitions and mergers, the creation of start-up companies and builds networks.