Stefano Serafini to “Spazio Economia”: The relationship between Manager and Entrepreneur in Italy

vlcsnap-2016-03-07-16h23m50s167Dr . Serafini intervenes by analyzing the role and the relationship between manager and entrepreneur. This relationship is a fundamental and focal point for future challenges facing businesses globally and locally .

According Serafini the Italian company is historically small or medium- small in the international arena.

Since the beginning of the crisis the Italian company is going through a stress derived from the market and organizational problems. For this reason Italians entrepreneurs are looking for management.

The Italian entrepreneur is a “self made man”, so it is an entrepreneur but not managers.
In recent years it increases the demand for professionals , managers real , to bring corporate culture and knowledge.

Shares of head hunting and temporary management , services in which specializes Studio Serafini, are the most requested consultations.

According Serafini and the lack of management in Italy there is another problem,
companies are often not large enough or structured to be able to implement a managerial structure.