Stefano Serafini to “Spazio Economia”: Manager – Entrepreneur

vlcsnap-2016-02-12-10h20m43s9Dr . Stefano Serafini intervenes , with lucidity and competence, in the Teleromagna “Economics Space” Program .

The episode , centered on the figure of the manager and entrepreneur , touching issues such as relocation , the Made in Italy and the global market

Italian companies are to be measured in a global market where competition on a global scale , is increasingly aggressive.

In this context, Serafini, thinking of transferring the Italian know-how abroad in areas of relocation would be a mistake. Companies should not make the mistake of chasing a forced relocation, but defend and consolidate their uniqueness, their added value: the Made in Italy.

From the point of view of the consumer is obvious, however, that this global market has had positive results, but Serafini argues that the consumer should be careful and know that the quality has a cost.

Dr. Serafini concluded his speech by going against protectionism as a risk for the development and entrepreneurship.