SMEs & Internationalization

2000px-UN_Human_Development_Report_2007_(2)_CBC.svgFor Italian SMEs internationalization strategic decision is now perhaps the only way out and successful in all areas including those of luxury and fashion .

Internationalize in order to maintain competitiveness in an increasingly global market system and in an international economic environment , outsourced and highly competitive .

The company size is the real problem to be solved in order to compete in global markets

Manage to get noticed in front of giants who invest hundreds of millions a year in direct stores and in communication with the notoriety impact to consumers .

SMEs rely today on a domestic market that is powered almost exclusively by shopping tourists and foreign businessmen

Becomes a priority then disembark in international markets , how to renew the sales mode , to keep pace with increasingly demanding retail chains.

Address the current economic- financial and socio – political context is a nightmare even for the listed groups , strong and highly trained staff to work 24 hours 24

For SMEs though the road is uphill and really need an effort of system to be implemented in a short time in order to preserve a know how prestigious