Specialized in temporary management activities, interpreted as optimization and development of spot consulting concept, Studio Serafini has been representing for years the ideal spokesman for corporate support and highly-specialized company management, able to assist clients on general increase of corporate performances, thanks to a correct identification of problems and related solutions.

Complexity and urgency often ask for measurable actions able to offer a result as soon as possible, integrable only through the use of “custom-made” managerial competences, not always available inside a company. In this sense, the temporary manager become integral part of management for a limited period of time, sharing interests, purposes and results.

Thanks to these elements, the temporary management formula often provides for the definition of scalable payments based on fixed business objectives in agreement with associate clients. And this is a winning formula, so much that the observed fidelity percentage is over 90%.

What does this mean? 9 out of 10 companies choose at the end of a project to carry on with Studio Serafini’s Temporary Managers. And this is the best business card possible.