Strengthen and extend your own sales network often coincides with the acquisition of a predominant position compared to competitors. That is the need to have a stronger business profile or the research of further and more profitable business opportunities, Studio Serafini has the right tool and skills to reach the most important goal: induce sales and increase the turnover.

Within the rearrangement and strengthening program of sales network developed by Studio Serafini, there are many interventions ranging from selling techniques analysis to the implementation of advanced sales skills, from retail marketing to the planning of trade actions and management of sales budget.

During its consultancy activities, Studio Serafini has also developed and tried some high-performing proprietary methods used to contain sales network inefficiencies, implement supply chain and customer satisfactions actions, identify the erosion coefficient of reference markets, using forecasting systems for complex marketing actions.

Studio Serafini has the following proprietary methods:

  • SellProfil

  • CPSS

  • Erodible Market

  • AnacomWin

  • Forecasting SYSTEMS

  • T.C.V.