To face unknown challenges, to catch new opportunities and limit potential threats. Sometimes a change is necessary for the existence of a company and the best choices can make the difference. The clear knowledge of the segment and the valuable know-how of Studio Serafini are the access key to a virtuous renovation way and opening to new markets, through complicated deals such as mergers and acquisitions with the highest security.


Through a network of 45 separate offices and more than 150 professionals in the field, Studio Serafini is the ideal partner for CEOs and corporate executives interested in implementation of strategic actions voted to internazionalization, in line with always more complex global economic scenarios.


Contexts where we used to work:

  • Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

  • Acquisitions and Companies Sale

  • Management Buy Out (MBO) e Management Buy In (MBI)

  • Development Capital

  • Mergers, joint ventures and strategic alliances

  • Feasibility studies for IPO


Studio Serafini team has a deep knowledge of the whole deal value chain, from the definition and approval of the strategic purposes and cluster target to the screening and execution phase, from the negotiation to the signing of the contract.