M&A: Campari controls the 45% of global brands

vlcsnap-2016-02-18-16h55m17s29The relationship between Italy and France, from the economic and financial point of view , in recent weeks has been intense.

The Italian brand of coffee Lavazza developed Carte Noire and Campari, in the last hours, has reached an agreement with
the owner of the historic brand family Grand Marnier.

Campari is an excellent case history relating to acquisitions: analyzing the Group’s growth , now it owns the 45% of global brands.

The group was founded with the activities of the Campari family based on the production of beverages with a strong identity and image.

In the 60s Campari it has spread and known in over 80 countries; but the turning point for the group arrives in the 90s , with the transformation of the Group into a leading player in the global beverage market.

Growing continues in 2000 with the acquisition of important South American brands and Campari does not seem to stop, as evidenced by the recent acquisition.