Interview to Stefano Serafini on Il Sole24Ore

There had been several moments when the spotlights of specialized media and the public – mainly composed of insiders and managers – turned to Stefano Serafini and his management proposals. In particular, about those one related to the concept of Temporary Management:

“[…]The main aim of our office is to pull alongside our clients an expert with high-managerial skills, oriented to a hyper-specialization of skills, able to help the client to carry out significant improvements about its own corporate performance, through the correct identification of problems and the proposition of several solutions, with a real and long-lasting effect, which aims to the customer loyalty. For this reason the intervention times are dilated, until a permanent presence inside the company partner that goes from one to two years […]”

In this sense, the articles appeared on Platinum insert of Il Sole 24Ore well represent our work, our passion, our system of beliefs.

Here the whole articles and interviews:

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