Internationalization: Stefano Serafini attends on “Spazio Economia”

2000px-UN_Human_Development_Report_2007_(2)_CBC.svgDr. Serafini, a guest in the program “Spazio Economia” of Teleromagna, operates with professionalism and expertise on issues of great interest and relevance as internationalization, delocalisation and the Made in Italy.

It is an analysis that starts from the territory, the production district of Romagna and Cesena, featuring the high level of Agribusiness, which feeds the industry of food, leading sector of the Made in Italy.

The central theme of the debate, however, was the internationalization and production relocation.

Serafini argues that when it comes to internationalization is important not to be limited to the concept of the product, but you need to talk about service and know-how.

Dr. Serafini then opens an important parenthesis on Kazakhstan, as an example to be examined. The Kazakhstan has great need to create supply chains of agri-food type. In this regard there are many companies that are approaching internationalization focusing on the sale of Know How

We are gradually intensifying the internationalization consulting, based on the transfer of skills, as in this case may be the techniques of agricultural production.

This analysis of the evolution of the market and internationalization, underlines how the world has become extremely dynamic.
According Serafini, entrepreneurs need to grasp the changes and opportunities that the global market and the international economy the offer: one of these is certainly the internationalization, a key strategy to stay competitive.