Economic and Enterprise Development in Italy

manager_imprenditoreDuring the episode of Space Economy attention it was aimed on the analysis of economic development and entrepreneurial Italian and on the issue of training and continuing professional upgrading as a key to remain competitive on the market.

In the last twenty years in Italy there was no clear idea of planning and economic development.

The economic development is taking place territorially, meaning that they are businesses, at the local level, which are taking charge of the development.

According Serafini, the industrial and energy policy vacuum that Italy is experiencing in the last twenty years is there for all to see.

Italy’s strength is represented by the territoriality: HUB and production areas of excellence. The example of the HUB of Naples representing excellence at the world level for the construction of aerospace components Heads, the manufacturing districts like those of the chair or of ceramics that still drag the Italian economy, despite having suffered and suffered from the global competition, the packaging valley of Bologna, the food valley of Romagna and the Cibus in Parma, demonstrate how important it is for economic development and entrepreneurial Italian, territoriality. These productive territories represent concentrations of global interest skills.

Another important concept for entrepreneurs and workers, protagonists of the modern enterprise, has the expertise.
Become important today then invest intellectual resources, time and cost for upgrading and continuous training.
Only a constant professional development in your industry allows you to defend yourself, remaining competitive on a personal level in the global labor market.