Craftsmanship and ancient crafts: a jewel to recover

serafini_ospiteIn this participation we are facing two major issues, useful to better understand the economic situation and current work in this era of global competition, international economy, globalization and internationalization.

The first issue that is being addressed is the aging of the work, understood as a outdate skills, work skills and business functions.

There are professions that, according to international studies, age on average every two years, but there are others where innovation plays an important role that the aging time is reduced to six months.

It is now necessary, in this international economic environment, to remain competitive, continuous vocational training, continuous updating and upgrading of skills to keep pace with the changes, with an ever-changing market, managing to be competitive globally.

The second issue analyzed is equally important, especially if declined in the Italian context, and the importance of craftsmanship recovery, manufacturing arts and “ancient crafts.”

It is clear that over the last 20 years in Italy you are losing craftsmanship and manufacturing skills. We are losing those typical and traditional skills, arts and crafts that have made Italy in the world.

The presence of professional schools, schools and training courses seems not enough to fill the dangerous vacuum.

It becomes important to plan, invest economic and strategic resources to recover these professions, mistakenly regarded by some right-minded humble and uninspiring.

Encouraging and investing in the professionalization, in manual work, craft must be the goal, recovering those skills that represent centuries the Italian spirit in the world that know how much envied but especially so paid.