Cookie policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files stored on your computer when you visit some web pages. On SERAFINISTUDIO.IT, we use only strictly necessary cookies for website navigation or to start some basic functions. We use cookies to enhance the feature of our website by storing, for example, your preferences. The use of cookies also allows us to improve the performance of our website offering a better browsing experience. To have a great experience on SERAFINISTUDIO.IT, it is important to enable all cookies. If you do not want to enable cookies, or you prefer to deactivate some specific cookies, you could visit the website in any case. Most browsers enable cookies by default, but we suggest to consult  the following section “Additional information about cookies” that explains how to activate or deactivate them in case of need. It is good to know that cookies doesn’t prejudice the computer. Cookies  we create do not store informations attributable to specific persons, but we use collected coded information to optimize your experience as users of the website. For example, cookies help us to detect and correct errors or to identify possible products you could be interested in, in order to show you them during navigation.

Our Cookie Policy?

In order to use as best SERAFINISTUDIO.IT, it is necessary that your computer, tablet or smartphone is able to accept cookies, since only activating them you could enjoy some customised functions of our website. Our cookies do not store sensitive categories of data such as name and surname, address or payment information: they limit themselves to look after a sort of “key” that, after your entry, it will be linked to these information. However, if you prefer restrict, stop or delete cookies of SERAFINISTUDIO.IT or of any other website, you could do directly through your browser. Since each browser is different, it is necessary enter within “Help” menu of your specific browser or consult the handbook of your smartphone to know how to change your cookie preferences. Here is a list of the main cookies used and their purpose. Below you will find information about third party cookies.

(A) Cookies setted up by SERAFINISTUDIO.IT

Cookie name
Cookie purpose
SC_ANALYTICS_GLOBAL_COOKIE This Analytics cookie keeps track of returning visitors and their visits to the site. The identifier stored in this cookie is used to recognize returning visitors. These values are used by us to create visitor statistics and to improve the content displayed on the site.
SC_ANALYTICS_SESSION_COOKIE The identifier stored in this cookie is used to recognize different visitors. These data are used to create visitor statistics and to improve the content displayed on the site.
Google Analytics __utmv
Through Google Analytics, we can create customised user segmentations based on user behaviour on the default web site. This cookie helps us to allocate a visitor to a specific segment and provide us analytical data we use to improve the site.
Google Analytics __utma This cookie takes note of the first and last visit of a user to the site. This one helps to distinguish cyclic visitors, as well as the number of cyclic visits.
Google Analytics __utmb and Google Analytics __utmc These cookies work together in order to define the duration of a visit to a website. The UTMB __ cookie takes a timestamp when a visitor enter the site. The __ UTMC cookie takes a timestamp when a visitor leaves the site.
Google Analytics __utmz This cookie keeps track of specific tourist informations: where do the visitors come from, which search engine the visitor used, with which keyword the visitor came in and what is the geographic location of the visitor. We use this information to improve the services we provide to you.

(B) Third party cookies on SERAFINISTUDIO.IT

We remind you that in the meantime you are visiting SERAFINISTUDIO.IT you could notice some cookies not linked to our website. During the consultation of a page in which are inserted content originated from YouTube or Flickr for example, you could see cookies of these websites. SERAFINISTUDIO.IT is not able to control the spread of these cookies.

For more informations about these cookies, you should consultate the related websites. We inform you that some third party cookies could be visible on SERAFINISTUDIO.IT:

(I) Cookie Flash o LSO (Local shared objects)

On SERAFINISTUDIO.IT sometimes you could see some video content through Adobe Flash Player. Adobe uses cookie flash, also called LSO (Local Shared Objects), to improve the user experience. Cookie Flash are stored on computer or smartphone in a similar way to those of normal cookies. However, browser organised them in a different way.

If you want to disable or delete a cookie flash, you should consultate Security Settings of the Adobe Flash Player ( open a new window). We remind you that, through the deactivation of cookie flash of SERAFINISTUDIO.IT you could not access to some content such as videos.

(II) Sharing tools of SERAFINISTUDIO.IT

If you decide to share contents of SERAFINISTUDIO.IT with your friends through social networks, these websites could send you some cookies. We are not able to control the settings of these cookies, therefore we suggest you to visit the related website to have more informations about their cookies and how they organised them.