China makes acquisition in Italy

cina_bandieraChina an economic power with a passion for Italy.

The acquisition of Inter Milan, and the negotiations for the acquisition of 70% of ‘AC Milan are just the tip of the Chinese dell’icebreg shopping in Italy.

Analyzing the data leaps to the eye that China has invested in Italy over 15 billion euro, now controls 313 enterprises: from finance (Mediobanca, Unicredit and Intesa Sanpaolo), fashion, from infrastructure (CDP Networks), to ‘ agri-food and sport.

China has become the country with the fastest economic growth in the world’s leading exporter in 2008 and largest importer of goods in 2010.
China is the first economy to GDP; also he is a founding member of the United Nations, also holding the role of permanent member, and with the right of veto. China is part of the SCO, WTO, APEC, ASEAN G2 and G20; China, along with Brazil, Russia, India and South Africa, is part of the BRICS.

To go back to the central point, this decision to focus on football can be seen as a marketing move: a clear message about the strength, the intentions and the Chinese economic strategy.

Italy in recent years has become the land of shopping for entrepreneurs and institutions funds; Chinese investors groups in Italy have grown by 32%. China has focused on Italy and the Italian companies, where Chinese investment now reaches the value of 17 billion.

The area that most attracts attention is that the Chinese energy and infrastructure; are, however, sensitive to telcomunicazioni, finance, to manufacturing, to luxury, fashion, agribusiness, automotive and sports.
A true cross-interest that makes italy dish delicious for Chinese investors.

In conclusion, in a global economy, like today, you should not be surprised “shopping” Chinese in Italy. It is obvious how they have changed the structures and the world economic and geopolitical balance. Today internationalization, mergers, acquisitions, production relocation are the new frontiers of the world economy.
In this scenario the Italian companies are called to a strategic and cultural renewal needed to groped to remain competitive, attractive and interesting in this complex world competition.