Brexit: Risks and Opportunities

The unexpected result of the referendum on Brexit has created many problems and imbalances in the international economy in slow recovery. It was a jolt that has already had tangible consequences and that will have substantial impact on growth and the economic stability of the Eurozone.

We analyze better Brexit trying to understand the effects and opportunities of this decision which shook the European Union.

If the Brexit has a negative effect on the international economy, slowing economic growth in Europe, while undermining the banking system, creating uncertainty and fear in the markets, from the point of view of this tsunami Italian may also have some positive effects; the Brexit can be seen as an opportunity, an opportunity to exploit both economically and politically.

The Brexit is and will be the cause of a veritable diaspora of multinational and EU authorities; this situation can be a tempting and profitable opportunity for Italy and other countries such as France and Germany.

Authorities such as the EMA (European Medicines Agency) ol’EBA (European Banking Autohority) represent real and important goals and Italy is already gearing up to welcome them.

But the “hospitality strategy”, designed by Italy to exploit the particular time, is not aimed only at attracting public and community organizations, but is directed to companies and corporations, through tax benefits, creating areas of taxation facilitated, for example in Milan in EXPO.