Acquisitions: Italy view from abroad

serafiniThose involved in business consulting, mergers and acquisitions, internationalization has the necessary skills to detect the perception abroad of Italy in terms of entrepreneurship, economy and industry.

For Serafini Italy, today, it has become a goal, almost a “land of conquest”, both industrial and entrepreneurial.

Italy is a land of excellence over the years that are imposed as a real major player in the national and international levels.

These Italian excellences using innovative ideas and visions of entrepreneurship and the Italian manufacturing arts.

Analyzing the situation we can say that Italy has an important know how in different field, which makes it very attractive to enterprise level.

The concept entrepreneurial, exclusively Italian, the “small is beautiful, if it grows,” is, in this global market, totally anachronistic; Just think, in this regard, that Italy must collide, in a global market, with much larger firms with respect to Italian companies.

In the international market the mere sale of the product, in most sectors, is outdated and anachronistic. The foreign market is no longer only in search of the Italian product, unless the product in question is not a excellence.

Today is the know-how to be required and sold abroad.

But when we talk about Made in Italy the situation is completely different. In this case the production must necessarily take place in Italy not to lose territoriality, which is the added value, and all those inherent characteristics that make a product made in Italy excellence, recognized in the world.

Finally we can say that Italy’s added value is the knowledge, the know-how, craftsmanship, and it is this expertise that is in demand abroad.