Studio Serafini works within management consultancy, supporting the leadership in the process of analysis, definition and launch of plans concerning the dynamic improvement of business performances. A unique purpose, achievable only through the best professional standards: the attainment of our clients’ interests. Because only offering satisfying services and establishing trusted relationships, we could say that we are and will be at their side towards an outstanding future.

Closeness, Exclusiveness, Flexibility

An innovative, integrated and common approach to all the company functions. The direct engagement of the whole company and, in particular, of the top management, real engine of change. The task of Studio Serafini is to support its own clients, private and public companies of medium-large size, to catch with enthusiasm challenges and changes taking place in the economic sector.

From the enhancement of productivity to the effective management of the costs-benefits relation, from the resolution of organisational and cross- functional problems to the definition of basic competitive strategies: Studio Serafini offers a 360° consultancy and it is able to supply an excellent contribution in projects of operative optimisation, organisation, strategy and marketing.

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