About us

Studio Serafini works with success from 1998 within company management consultancy, strong of over ten years’ experience in business field and of a professional team characterized by competence and quality. In addition to traditional activities that have made the history of the Studio such as corporate restructuring, strategic consultancy and rearrangement of commercial and distributive networks, recently Studio Serafini has decided to go beyond and support its own clients also in mergers and acquisitons field (M&A), in Italy and in the world.

The increasing number of requests for assistance regarding processes of growth and internazionalization, the need of companies for a greater competitiveness and opening to more global and prolific scenarios have led Studio Serafini to new challenges and horizons.

Always looking for the most appropriate solutions and for the most efficient strategic concepts, Studio Serafini offers strategic advice that:

  • Guarantees high professional levels
  • Encourages synergy with the top management of corporate customers
  • Builds relationships based on mutual confidence
  • Reaches excellent and distinctive qualitative effects
  • Represents the main tool for the resolution of problems and the creation of competence

For Studio Serafini each client is a valuable resource, an opportunity to create a long-term relationship, representing an investment for anybody is involved in the process. A successful investment.

Our goal is to give confidence and always supply only the best results through:

  • Development and spread of innovative management methods
  • Efficient use of economic resources of both sides
  • Observance of the customization value about each relationship or project